The website voulgarisacademy.com (hereinafter Voulgaris Academy) is the official internet site for the publication of seminars and articles through the civil non-profit company by the name of ‘THE SAINT MAXIM THE GREEK’ INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH PRESERVATION AND PROMOTION OF CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS (hereinafter THE INSTITUTE).
The internet site provides services and/or information, as well as products (electronic publications) under the following terms of use which visitors (hereinafter Users) are invited to read carefully and to proceed to navigate/use only on condition that they accept them in full. Use of the site implies the acceptance of these terms.
Acceptance of the Terms of Service
All visitors/users who enter and make use of the services of the internet site are considered to have agreed to and to accept without reservation the following terms, which comply with current Greek Law. Any non-compliance on the part of users/customers of the internet site will result in the removal of all responsibility of the INSTITUTE relating to any potentially affected natural or legal persons, while visitors/users acknowledge the right of the INSTITUTE to modify provisions in the present terms, provided they do not affect its legally binding obligations. Visitors to and users of the internet site confirm that they have read the present terms, agree with them and undertake the obligation to observe them, both within the context of the contract which is established through their acceptance and within the framework of their general obligation to observe legislation. Should any visitor/user not agree with these terms, he or she must refrain from using the internet site of the INSTITUTE and from any other interaction with it.
Users of the webpage Voulgaris Academy agree, on the one hand, to abide by the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law governing communications and intellectual ownership; and, on the other to refrain from any illegal use or misapplication of its content and services.
Moreover, they are required to behave in a proper manner, politely and with sensitivity while they are visiting the webpage, and it is forbidden to adopt practices of unfair competition or any others which conflict with NETIQUETTE. Visitors themselves will be entirely responsible for any disservice caused to Voulgaris Academy resulting from wrong, illegal or unfair use of its services.
Information and Products Provided
All the content, information and services provided by Voulgaris Academy belong exclusively to it, except for those which have explicitly been recognized as coming from third parties.
Limitation of Liability
The INSTITUTE is not responsible to visitors/users for any damage which may arise from the implementation or otherwise of their order.
It provides its content and the services offered through its internet site exactly as they are. The content of Voulgaris Academy is religious, scientific, cultural, educational, informative and recreational, but users cannot wholly base their behavior on the content it contains and the INSTITUTE takes no responsibility in the event that content included in Voulgaris Academy proves inaccurate. In particular, it is not responsible for any direct and consequential damages to its Users. In each case, every possible effort will be made to ensure the accuracy of the information published in Voulgaris Academy and deriving from it. It accepts no responsibility for content and data originating from third parties.
Voulgaris Academy does not guarantee that its pages, services and content will be provided without interruption, without errors, nor that mistakes will be corrected.
Moreover, the INSTITUTE, through Voulgaris Academy does not guarantee that it or any other related website or webpage or server through which these are placed at the disposal of Users will be free of viruses or harmful components. In no circumstances does Voulgaris Academy guarantee the accuracy, completeness and availability of the contents of pages, services or selections or their outcomes.
In the event that a lawsuit or claim is brought against the INSTITUTE as a consequence of any form of infringement on the part of Users of Voulgaris Academy, the latter, on the one hand, undertake the obligation to intervene in the process pending and, on the other to reimburse the INSTITUTE in the event that it is obliged to pay damages or any other expenses.
Moreover, information provided which is related to the Holy Monasteries on the Holy Mountain and throughout Orthodoxy, as well as all articles, texts and audio-visual material related thereto are exclusively informative in nature and in no way represent their official position on a particular issue, unless and except if this is stated explicitly. The INSTITUTE does not represent the monasteries mentioned above. The content of the internet site is within the responsibility of the INSTITUTE and its supplementary operatives.
Intellectual Property Rights
The internet site Voulgaris Academy was created by the INSTITUTE and is the intellectual property of its creators, pursuant to Law 2121/1993 ‘Concerning Intellectual Ownership’, as this has been amended and is in force today, as well as the international agreements signed by Greece.
All intellectual product incorporated into the webpage of Voulgaris Academy belongs to the INSTITUTE and/or other persons or agencies, pursuant to the regulations of the legislation concerning intellectual property. On all occasions the whole of the content and services of Voulgaris Academy are provided to its Users exclusively for their personal use.
Apart from the intellectual rights of third parties, personnel and agencies, the whole of the content of the internet site, including images, graphics, photographs, texts and products are the intellectual property of the INSTITUTE and are protected by the relevant regulations of Greek and European Law, as well as by international contracts and treaties. Consequently, none of these may, in whole or in part, be the object of sale, replication, modification, reproduction or republication, nor be posted, loaded, transmitted or distributed in any way whatsoever. An exception is made in the case of the isolated saving of a single copy of part of the content to an ordinary personal computer for personal rather than public or commercial use, and without the removal of their provenance and without impairing in any way the relative rights of intellectual and industrial property. The rest of the content contained in Voulgaris Academy and bearing its name or the insignia of others, such as colleagues, agencies, associations, organizations, companies and natural or legal persons in general are their own intellectual and industrial property and therefore those person or agencies bear the associated responsibility. Users understand and accept that they are not accorded the right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell, and/or commercially exploit in any way the whole or part of the content of Voulgaris Academy.
The replication, recording, distribution, transfer, resale are forbidden, as is misleading the public regarding the ownership of the content of the internet site. Reproduction, republication, reloading, advertisement or any other use of the content in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes is allowed only by permission of Voulgaris Academy or another legitimate holder of the above intellectual rights.
The names, images and logos which represent the INSTITUTE, as well as its products, are exclusively insignia of the INSTITUTE and are protected by Greek, European and International Laws concerning commercial insignia and industrial and intellectual property. In no way should their appearance and display on the webpage voulgarisacademy.com are be taken as transfer or bestowal of permission for their use or of the right to such use.
Personal Data Protection

The INSTITUTE (‘Company’ or ‘we’) would like to inform you how we gather personal data from and related to your person through the website and the electronic outlet which operates on Voulgaris Academy, as well as the means of effecting orders for purchases via the telephone or electronic mail (both are ‘Services of the INSTITUTE) and how we use and share the personal data in question.
The INSTITUTE provides the present Update on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter ‘Personal Data Protection Policy’, or ‘Policy’ or ‘Update’) pursuant to General Provision 679/2016 of the EU concerning the protection of personal data (the ‘Provision’) and the applicable national legislative framework, underlining its commitment to protect your personal data.
In this Personal Data Protection Policy, you will find all the relevant information in force relating to the use of the personal data of users and our clients, irrespective of the INSTITUTE’S channel or means (online or in person) used for its transactions with you.

    We are an urban non-profit company by the name of ‘THE SAINT MAXIM THE GREEK’ INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH PRESERVATION AND PROMOTION OF CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS, which has its headquarters in Athens, at nos. 70-72 Panormou Street and are responsible for the processing of your personal data which we gather through the Services of the Company, pursuant to General Provision 679/2016 of the EU and current legislation.
    You can contact the Company at the e-mail address contact@stmaximthegreek.org
    The present policy, as well as our Policy regarding Cookies apply to all Users, including those who use the Services of the Company without having subscribed, as also to all those who place orders by telephone or via e-mail.
    The Services of the Company are directed towards the general public, are not addressed to children and personal data is not wittingly gathered from children under the age of 16.
    The website in question can use cookies to recognize its users. Users can set their browser to reject cookies. No ip address of any user is traced and stored by the website in question. A third party provider (e.g. google analytics) may trace ip addresses of users of the website, though in such a way that the site administrators are informed only of the location of a user and no other information.
    The INSTITUTE gathers (1) data concerning transactions and subscriptions during the course of a transaction, during your subscription or your subscription for one of the services of the INSTITUTE; (2) public data and publications which are shared through the Services of the INSTITUTION; (3) data which you have allowed social media platforms to share with the INSTITUTE; (4) activity data when you access and interact with some service of the INSTITUTE. Specifically, the INSTITUTE gathers the following types of data from and about you:
    Transaction and subscription data, that is the information you submit in order to perform a transaction with the INSTITUTE and/or to subscribe to one of the services of the INSTITUTE, for example, to purchase a book, to create an account, to publish comments, to receive the newsletter, or to take part in a competition or digital event. Subscription data, may include, for example, first name, family name, e-mail address, sex, country, postal code and date of birth.
    Public data and publications which consist of comments or content you publish on the Services of the INSTITUTE and the personal data which accompany the said publications or content, among which may be pseudonyms, user name, comments, likes, status, profile information and a photograph. Public information and publications are always in the public domain, which means they are freely available and can appear as the result of searches in external search engines.
    Data from social networking platforms. If you access or link to one of the Services of the INSTITUTE through a social networking platform or connect a service of the INSTITUTE to a social networking platform, the data we gather may also include your user ID and/or the user name which is associated with this social networking service, information or the content which you have allowed the social networking platform to share with us, as well as your profile photograph, your e-mail, your list of friends, as well as the personal data you have posted in relation to the social networking platform in question. When you access the Services of the INSTITUTE through social networking platforms or when you link one of the services of the INSTITUTE to social networking platforms, you authorize the INSTITUTE to gather, store and use the relevant personal data and content pursuant to the present Policy.
    Activity Data. When you access and interact with the Services of the INSTITUTE, we may gather specific information related to these visits. For example, in order to permit your connection with the Services of the INSTITUTE, our servers receive and record information related to your computer, the device and the browser, including, perhaps, your IP address, your type of browser and other information related to soft and hard ware. If you access the services of the INSTITUTE from a cell phone or other device, we may gather a unique device ID assigned to the particular device, information on geographical distribution or other transactional data concerning the particular device. We may also gather cookies and other tracking technology (such as browser cookies, pixels, beacons and Adobe Flash cookies).
    Information from other sources. We may supplement the information we gather with information from other sources, such as information in the public domain regarding your activity on and off the internet from social networking platforms and commercially available sources.
    We do not gather:
    Financial information from any information provider. In certain instances, we may use an unconnected payment service to give you the opportunity to buy an electronic product or to make payments. Should you wish to buy an electronic product or effect a payment via our Payment Service, you will be directed to a web page at Payment Services. Any information whatsoever which you supply to a Payment Service will be subject to the confidentiality policy of the Payment Service and not to this present Policy. We have no control over and are not responsible for any use by the Payment Service of information gathered via any Payment Service.
    Sensitive information: we ask that you do not send or reveal sensitive personal data to or through the Services of the INSTITUTE or by any other means (i.e. information such as social security numbers, information related to your racial or ethnic provenance, your political views, religion or any other convictions, health, penal background or participation in union organizations).
    Associated services
    Finally, the Services of the INSTITUTE may also be linked to websites operated by companies or agencies in general which are not partners. These may provide advertisements or offer content, functionality, news bulletins, competitions or applications which are developed and maintained by companies and agencies in general which are not partners. As soon as you leave the Services of the INSTITUTE or you click an advertisement, your should check the current Policy of the other service.
    We use the personal data we gather about and related to your person:
  4. a) In order to make the Services of the INSTITUTE available to you.
  5. b) In order to measure, analyze and improve the said services of the INSTITUTE.
  6. c) In order to improve your experience via Services of the INSTITUTE (both on and off line), providing content which can be considered relevant and interesting.
  7. d) In order to allow you to comment on content and participate in internet activities, competitions, or reward programs.
  8. e) In order to provide customer services and for us to answer your questions.
  9. f) In order to protect the rights of the INSTITUTE and others. For example, there may be instances where the INSTITUTE may use your personal data, including instances where the INSTITUTE believes, in all good faith, that the processing in question is necessary for (i) the protection, imposition or defense of the legal rights, security or property of the INSTITUTE or their personnel, representatives, concessionaires, franchisors or suppliers (including the implementation of agreements and our terms of use); (ii) protection of the security, confidentiality and customer security of the Services of the INSTITUTE or citizens; (iii) protection of the INSTITUTE as well as other third parties, such as the providers of the INSTITUTE, from fraud or for the purposes of risk management.
  10. g) In order to conform with current laws or legal procedures, and/or to comply with the demands of official government authorities
  11. h) In order to allow the operation of social interchange – if you make a connection or connect a service account via social networking to the Services of the Company, we may share the user name, photograph and likes, as well as your activities and comments, with other users of the Services of the Company and with your friends who are linked to the service via your social networking platforms. We may also share the same personal data with the social networking platform provider.
  12. i) Subject to your prior consent, in order to send you (via email, sms, telephone, chat, and social networking platforms), invitations, notices, newsletters and updates related to the activities of the INSTITUTE and the services of the webpage Voulgaris Academy.
  13. j) Subject to your prior consent, in order to analyze your behavior patterns, habits and consumer trends, so as to send you commercial announcements tailored to your interests and needs, via the means of communication referred to above (hereinafter ‘Profiling’).
    We may use anonymous data which does not identify you personally, even indirectly (e.g. statistics) for any purpose whatsoever or share them with third parties.
    Processing of your personal data:
    Is necessary for the purposes of Unit 3, points a) to f) of the current Policy, that is the provision of the said services and therefore is obligatory, since otherwise they would not be able to offer their services.
    Because Unit 3, point g) of the present Policy is required by current legislation and is therefore also obligatory.
    However, processing of your personal data for the following reasons:
    Unit 3, point h) lies within your own discretion and, without your consent a service account cannot be linked via social networking platforms to the Service of the INSTITUTE, which means that it must be linked to the Service of the Company, using a different mechanism.
    Unit 3, points i) and j) lie within your discretion, but without your consent it is impossible for the INSTITUTE and/or third parties to provide you with general commercial announcements from the INSTITUTE and services/products or announcements from third parties on the basis of your interests and needs and to provide you with services under the same name.
    You can withdraw, at any time, your consent regarding the processing of your personal data for the purposes of Unit 3, points i) and j) by sending a notification to the email address as described in Unit 11 below.
    Your personal data may be processed in printed form, by automated or electronic means as well as by non-automatic means, including the post office or email, telephone (e.g. automated telephone messages, sms, mms), fax and any other means (e.g. internet websites, cell phone apps.) and are protected by appropriate security measures, taking into account the last word in technology, the cost of implementation and the nature, field, framework and scope of the processing, as well as the various likelihoods and severity of risk regarding personal rights and freedoms. In particular the INSTITUTE uses appropriate administrative and technical measures having to do with the person, as well, of course, as measures aimed at the protection of personal data which are in its possession through loss, theft, or unauthorized use, notification or modification.
    For the purposes of Unit 3 above, the INSTITUTE may share your personal data with the following categories of recipients inside or outside the European Union pursuant to and within the terms of the stipulations of Unit 7 below:
  17. To third party services which are charged with processing activities and, when this is required by current legislation, are duly appointed as data processors (e.g. cloud server providers, service providers which facilitate and support the Services of the INSTITUTE and therefore, for example, also without limitation, banks, companies providing technology and informatics services, payment services, personnel and providers of services for supply, transfer and delivery, providers of services related to marketing and advertising, consultants, advisors and lawyers.
    Those data processors which have been appointed by the INSTITUTE include providers of information technology, payments and services related to marketing and advertising, e.g. measurement of visitor and customer satisfaction, statistical analysis, remarketing, analysis for personalized promotional actions. In particular, in relation to payment services with credit or debit cards within the European Union, the present agreement includes information envisaged in the EU Directive PSD2 (ΕΕ 2015/2366) and may include, for the purposes of ‘strict verification of client identity’, cross-verification of two or more data or information or unique distinguishing physical characteristics, for the best possible protection of your transactions from criminal activities. You can ask the Company for a complete list of the data processors which have been appointed by the Company, at the address given in Unit 11 of the present Policy and
  18. To the authorities responsible, for purposes of compliance with current laws.
    Some data processors referred to in unit 6 are outside the European Economic Area, in which case your personal data may be transferred to countries both inside and outside the EEA, and, particularly, to America. Certain providers in America are certified with the Privacy Shield, which certification you can check on the following link:
    The European Commission recognizes that certain countries outside the EEA provide a sufficient level of data protection, pursuant to the models of the EEA. The full list of these countries is available at http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/international transfers/adequacy/index_en.htm
    For transfers from the EEA to countries which are not considered secure by the European Commission, we have adopted appropriate and approved protections which are aimed at protecting your personal data and the transfer of your personal data pursuant to current laws concerning data protection, such as standard contractual clauses which have been approved by the European Commission, pursuant to Articles 45 and 46 of the Regulation and of which the content can be checked on the following link:
    You also have the right to ask for a copy of the above measures and further information related to your personal data by contacting the Company at the address given at Unit 11 of the present Policy.
    You can, at any time exercise your following rights:
  21. The right of access, which means that you are entitled to receive assurance as regards whether your personal data exist and to receive an update on their content and provenance. You also have the right to access them.
  22. The right of correction, which means that you are entitled to verify the accuracy and integrity of your personal data and to request correction or amplification of inadequate data, taking into consideration the purposes of their processing, updating and modification.
  23. The right-to-be-forgotten, which means the right to ask for deletion of your personal data without unjustifiable delay, provided there is a legitimate reason, pursuant to the Regulation, that is:
  24. Your personal data are no longer required in relation to the purposes for which the INSTITUTE collected and processed them.
  25. You retract the consent you gave for the processing of your personal data and the INSTITUTE has no other legal basis for their processing.
    iii. You have opposed the processing pursuant to the Regulation and/or there are no imperative or legitimate reasons for the processing or you are opposed to processing for purposes of direct commercial promotion, including Profiling.
  26. Your data were subjected to illegal processing.
  27. Your data must be deleted pursuant to the relevant legal obligation of the Company.
  28. The right to ask the INSTITUTE to restrict the processing of your personal data in the event that there is a legitimate reason pursuant to the Regulation, that is:
  29. You doubt the accuracy of your personal data until we take the measures necessary to correct them or verify their accuracy.
  30. The processing is illegal, but you do not wish us to delete your data.
    iii. You no longer need your personal data for the purposes of the processing, but you do need them for the creation, exercise, or defense of legal demands or
  31. You have opposed the processing for reasons of legitimate interest, while awaiting verification as to whether the INSTITUTE has imperative and just reasons to continue the processing.
  32. The right to object, which means that you can oppose the processing of your personal data, provided the request is legitimate, including the processing of your personal data for direct commercial promotion or Profiling should this be the case.
  33. The right to portability, which means that you are entitled to receive an electronic copy of your personal data, should you wish to transport the personal data with which you have provided us, either to yourself or to another provider when your personal data are subjected to processing by automatic means and the processing either (i) is based on your consent or (ii) is necessary for the execution of the Services of the INSTITUTE, and
  34. The right to bring a charge to the oversight authority responsible for data protection, that is the Hellenic Personal Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr).
    You can send your request to the address given at Unit 11 below. In your request, include your e-mail, name, address and telephone number and state clearly the information you wish to access, change, update, groom or delete.
    We would remind you that even after the cancellation of your account or if you ask us to delete you personal data, copies of certain information from your account may remain visible in certain cases where, for example, you have shared information with social networking platforms or other services or, for example, when the retention of such copies is necessary for the purposes of compliance with legal obligations or for purposes of legal defense. Because of the nature of temporary technological personal storage, your account may not be immediately accessible to others. We may also retain information regarding the creation of security copies related to your account for our servers for a certain amount of time after the cancellation or your request for deletion for the purposes of complying with current legislation.
    We also provide you with many options related to the use and revelation of your personal data for marketing purposes. You can withdraw your consent as regards:
    Receiving electronic notifications. If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from us related to the content of the webpage, the activities and the events of the INSTITUTE you can decline to receive-mail messages relating to marketing either by following the cancellation of subscription instructions in our newsletter, or simply by changing your preferences in the settings of your user profile if you are a registered user or via the consent management tool which is available on our website if you are not a registered user. You can also send a request to the address given at Unit 11 of this Policy. In any event, the INSTITUTE may continue to send you administrative announcements related to the provision of Services by the INSTITUTE.
    We will keep your personal data only for the period which is necessary for the completion of the purposes for which they were collected as described in the present Policy. In any event, the following duration of retention of your personal data will be observed for the purposes mentioned below:
    Data which are collected for purposes referred to in Unit 3, from points a) to g) of the present Policy are retained throughout the provision of services by the INSTITUTE, as well as for the duration of the time needed for deletion, pursuant to any current legislation, after the dissolution of the Company. Data which are collected for the purposes of Unit 3, point h) of the present Policy are retained for the length of time necessary required for you to be linked to the Services of the INSTITUTE via a social network.
    The data which are gathered for the purposes of Unit 3, points 9 and 10, that is for purposes of marketing or Profiling will be kept by the Company from the time you give your consent until such time as you withdraw this consent. Once your consent has been withdrawn, your personal data will no longer be used for the purposes above, though they may continue to be retained by the Company, particularly as is required to protect the interests of the INSTITUTE which are associated with possible liability in relation to this processing, unless further relative clarifications are given by the oversight authority responsible.
    At the end of the retention period, your personal data will be groomed, rendered anonymous and will be deleted.
    The INSTITUTE may modify or update the present Policy for any reason whatsoever, (including, as examples, changes to the applicable law and in interpretations, decisions, opinions and directives related to the said applicable law).
    Go to the Date of Entry into Force in the upper part of the present Policy to see when it was last revised. Any changes whatsoever to the present Policy will first be made public via the publication of the revised Policy on the Company website, www.pemptousia.gr.
    On its webpage Voulgaris Academy the INSTITUTE promotes internet conferences (for example the internet conferences in the series ‘Digital Fellowships’ or Seminars) via the ZOOM platform. These conferences and seminars are streamed live on Voulgaris Academy site or other event and seminar platforms such Eventbrite or Zoom or social networking platforms and are videoed, processed for television and re-shown on the above media. User registration on the platforms and the connection for being part of the live audience and for participating in the digital conference entails acceptance of the present terms of use, as well as consent on the part of the user for videoing, live streaming and restreaming on any internet, digital or other medium of the INSTITUTE of the image of user and of any coincidental verbal contribution on their part named or otherwise (through questions, conversation and so on). Minors may view and participate in the digital conferences with the consent and in the presence of their parents. In this event, it is understood that the parent consents to the above as regards the person of the minor.
    If you have any questions regarding the present update, contact us at the following address: secretariat@voulgarisacademy.com
    This use agreement is governed by the provisions of Hellenic law, the directives and regulations of European Union law and the relevant international ordinances and codes of conduct and is interpreted on the basis of the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the financial and social purpose of the right.
    Should any provision be shown to be contrary to the law and therefore invalid or subject to invalidation, it ceases ipso jure to remain in force though the validity of the other terms is in no way affected.
    No modification of the terms of this agreement will be taken into consideration nor constitute a part of it unless it has been formulated in writing and has been incorporated into it.
    The courts responsible for any differences which may arise out of the said agreement are the Athens Courts.
    More information about the INSTITUTE, Voulgaris Academy and its personnel can be found at www.stmaximthegreek.org and voulgarisacademy.com .
    If you believe that a piece of your work has been copied and entered into Voulgaris Academy in a manner which violates your rights, please send a written notification to the e-mail address contact@stmaximthegreek.org or secretariat@voulgarisacademy.com and we will take up the issue immediately. In order to achieve the smoothest and speediest resolution of the difference you may be asked to provide further proof and statements related to your rights.