Prof. Apostolos Nikolaidis

The Emeritus Professor of the Theological School of EKPA Apostolos Nikolaidis was a Professor at the Department of Social Theology and Religion of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens from 1997 to 2020 with the subject Sociology of Religion and Social Ethics. He also served as President of the Department and Dean of the School of Theology for about five years. He is currently a Professor at the University of Nicosia.

His research interests revolve around Political Theology, Bioethics, Ethics of Religions, Social Ethics, Sociology of Christianity and Sociology of Religion. Key research areas are Neo-Marxism, the Frankfurt School, French and German Religion and Sociology.

He organized himself as a Dean or took an active part as a Professor in dozens of scientific and interdisciplinary Conferences in Greece and Abroad.

He published an original in his entire scientific work: 36 original monographs and 130 articles in scientific journals.

The Emeritus Professor of the Theological School of EKPA Apostolos Nikolaidis was a Professor at the Department of Social Theology and Religion of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens from 1997 to 2020 with the subject Sociology of Religion and Social Ethics. He also served as President of the Department and Dean of the School of Theology for about five years. At the present stage, he is a Professor at the University of Nicosia in the subjects of Ethics and Sociology.

He studied Theology at the Universities of Athens and Bonn, Germany. He completed postgraduate studies in the systematic field of Theology (Ethics and Sociology of Religion, Political Theology) in Bonn and Bochum, Germany. In 1979 he was appointed Professor of Secondary Education where he served until 1997. In 1993 he was awarded a doctorate in the Department of Social Theology of the University of Athens on “The New Anthropology of Religion in the Philosophy of Ernst Bloch” with a grade of “excellent”. His doctorate refers to Post-Religious Anthropology in its neo-Marxist understanding and in the context of modern Theological and Philosophical Anthropology.

During all the years of his scientific and academic course, consistent with his studies, he engaged in research and writing in two scientific fields: The Sociology of Religion and Ethics in all its manifestations.

In the field of Sociology, Professor Apostolos Nikolaidis turned his interest to the social teaching of the Greek Fathers of the Church and especially to the relationship between Dogmas and ecclesiastical and social life for the establishment of an orthodox Sociology of Christianity, in Religion as a social phenomenon, and political, cultural, moral and economic factor on the basis of the main founders and representatives of the Sociology of Religion.

In the field of Ethics, he was particularly engaged in the fields of Christian Ethics, Bioethics and Social Ethics. His contribution to the crystallization of socio-ethical issues in the Orthodox World is special, bringing, among other things, the institution of the Church to all other institutions. His contribution to the establishment of two new scientific disciplines worldwide, the Ethics and the Bioethics of Religions is also decisive.


In the Department of Social Theology and Religious Studies he taught the courses: Christian Ethics, Social Ethics, Bioethics, Ethics of Religions, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Christianity, Sociology, Ecumenical Movement and Interreligious Dialogue. He was the first to introduce, establish and teach at the Theological School of EKPA the courses Sociology of Religion, Bioethics, Social Ethics, Ethics of Religions and Interreligious Dialogue.

He also taught outside the University of Athens

– At the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens for fifteen years (1990-2005) the courses Dogmatic, Symbolic and Philosophy.

– In the Parents’ Schools of the Center for Mental Health for thirty years (1990-2020).

– At the People’s University of the Society of Friends of the People for twenty-three (66-semester seminars, 1997-2020).

At the Higher School of Police Officers for one year.

In PEK West Attica for one year.

– At the Naval War School for four years.

– At the School of National Security for twenty-three (1997-2020).


He was a) senator for the acad. The year 1997-1998, the two years 2009-2011, and the four years 2016-2020. b) Director of two Departments for three acad. years. c) President of the Department of Social Theology of EKPA for the two years 2009-2011. d) Vice President of the Department for the two years 2011-13 and 2013-2015. e) Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Secondary Ecclesiastical Education at the Ministry of Education for the period 2009-2013, f) member of the Board of Directors of the Student Home EKPA for three years (2011-2014), g) member and vice-chairman of the Board of the University Club, h) member of the Postgraduate Programs Committee of EKPA (2016-2020).

As a Dean, he pioneered the renaming of the Department of Social Theology to the Department of Social Theology and Religious Studies and the establishment of an English Interdepartmental MSc entitled “Studies in Orthodox Theology”.

He took an active part in many international and domestic Scientific Conferences. Some of them, such as “Aristotle and Christianity”, “Beginning and evolution of the world and man with reference to the Six Days of Basil”, “Orthodoxy and Reform”, “180 years of Theological Studies at EKPA”, “Cosmas the Aetolian: 240 years since his martyrdom “,” Orthodox Theology in the 21st century. Challenges and Perspectives “he organized as Dean of the Theological School. Since 2006 he participates in the organization and chairs the annual pedagogical Conference of the Department of Scientists of the Association “M. Vassilios “, which takes place in Athens and other cities in Greece. He has given lectures in many parts of our country and abroad.

He is a member of three Synodal Committees, dealing with problems of the Family, the Environment and Bioethics, as well as a member of the Boards of Directors of other Public Benefit Institutions.

From the year 2021, he was assigned the Presidency of the Institute “Maximos the Greek”

In the period 1988-1993, he was a producer of radio shows on Ecology. From September 2009 to August 2010 he was the producer of the hourly live show on Interpersonal Relationships – Power Games on the same radio station. Since the beginning of 2022, he is the producer of the internet show WE AND THE OTHERS on the channel PemtpousiaTv.


He is married and with his wife Despina Spanos, they have nine children.




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